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The last decade has been one of the most prolific in technology advances, it has empowered every industry for good, and real estate has been one of them. Technology has made us more competitive and successful; our businesses run more effectively, enhancing the user’s experience.

Investopedia defines Fintech as “the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies to improve their use and delivery to consumers.” Fintech has changed the real estate industry, from realtors to lenders and final owners of real estate assets. The use of multiple tools from smartphones, integrated systems, e-signatures, websites, virtual tours, online listings, and numerous menus, covering all the security issues to artificial intelligence, enable all parties involved to save time and money as well as minimizing risks.

Although technology has become a necessary asset for business operations, the Human factor is fundamental in all the steps of the real estate process. The personal contact with the client is an invaluable tool to know their needs and limitations.

As multifamily professionals, the whole Capitaliza Team uses technology to optimize our products and nurture the relationship with our investors. We focus on offering the best investment opportunities in the commercial real estate market in the Southeast of the United States, design, and develop a conducive relationship between risk, liquidity, and profitability.

At Capitaliza, we focus on the people, as well as the data. We have built an incredible team, communicating openly with our clients to build relationships based on trust, respect, and honesty with devotion to do our best, while adhered to high principles and professional standards. Every study is tailored to each investor.

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