Multifamily Demographics Positioned for More Growth

By: Tanya Sterling Industry estimates forecast upwards of 1 million new renter households a year. DENVER—With expanding populations, a growing preference for renting and the majority of new jobs in the economy low-paying thus making homeownership challenging, the multifamily industry forecasts upwards of one million new renter households a year. As a result, most multifamily

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Stocks, Bond and Funds Vs. Real Estate- Look Beyond The Numbers!

By: Will Bockoven It’s an old debate. Which is better, investing in the stock market or putting your money in real estate? Years ago when I was a financial advisor at a Wall Street firm, I knew everything, or so I thought. Late nights spent feverishly studying the stock market, staring at charts, reading stacks

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Know thy numbers!

By: Benjamin Inman Broker Om Vs The Reality Of Multifamily Ownership We were recently reviewing some provided documents for an asset we have been looking at purchasing in one of our target markets in the Southeast. We received the typical T12, RR and Broker OM to review in order to start our underwriting process. As

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Why Now is the Ideal Time to Invest in Multifamily

By: Tanya Sterling for GlobeSt. “The market is experiencing steady rent growth and an active acquisition environment which makes deals easy to finance.” Jeff Burns. LOS ANGELES—It’s the end of the cycle and there are fears that supply may be catching up with demand in some markets. But Burns, managing director at Walker & Dunlop,

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Multifamily, Recession- Proof Investment

By: Kenneth Fantes, Capitaliza Corp. Cofounder Joe Davis, Vanguard Global Chief Economist, President of Investment Strategy Group, and one of the most important economists in the United States, gave some comments on CNBC about fears about the possibility of an economic recession by 2020. Although there are some troubling signs about a possible recession, such

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Multifamily vs. Single Family Homes

By: Alejandro Reyes, Capitaliza Corp. Cofounder Advantages of investing in multifamily properties in the USA. The multifamily property market continues to grow and this is due to several factors. One of the main ones is the immense demographic change that the country has experienced since the Great Financial Crisis. Today this has been evident, in

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